Last-minute Lent Resources

Here is a round-up of Lent resources from The Reflectionary, with some Holy Week items as well. Enjoy!
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Also, check out the Look, See, Pray posts for Lent by clicking the links in the menu above.

There’s still time to get The Big Story,  Lent devotions that take you through the Bible from before the beginning of everything to the glory of Easter Day. Check out the links on the right.

ashes_2_1Shrove Tuesday / Ash Wednesday

‘Fast’ Food – ideas for Lent with a difference – click here for link

Shove Tuesday (it’s not a typo) – drama script (with audio!) – click here for link

Ashing – how to make and apply ashes – click here for link


Lenten Tree

Follow through Lent with readings to hang on your Lenten Tree.

Puzzle Pages

Printable, double-sided A4 sheets of puzzles linked to the events of Holy Week. Each week of Lent focuses on one event from Holy Week, and links with the Lenten Tree above. puzzle pages

writer mug 14The Reflectionary is free because I believe this stuff is important, but I still kinda need to make a living. (hint, hint)

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Palm Sunday / Holy Weekpalm0

A Palm Sunday drama script featuring Psalm 118, plus make your own palm crosses – click here for link

Time Travel TV

Puppet script going through the events of Holy Week – click here for link

Three Special Days

Felt board story – click here for link

footwash 2What really needs cleaning?

Foot washing with a difference – click here for link

Sensory Stations

Touch, taste, smell and hear the events of Holy Week – click here for link

Good Friday

A Bad Friday – video meditationSnapShot(6)

This dramatic monologue combines modern setting with Biblical narrative in a thought-provoking meditation for Good Friday.
The hauntingly powerful climax will make you catch your breath.

Click here for link to video meditation

“It Is Finished” – a Good Friday meditation

Well, that’s it I guess. It’s over. The whole giddy dream is over. I really did think he was The One – I even said it to his face. “You are the Messiah, the son of the living God”, I said. Guess I was wrong.

Follow Peter as he walks home on Good Friday evening

Click here for meditation

Click to access holy-weeka.pdf

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