Please explain… Look, See, Pray

Tantalising picture?  It gives some information, but isn’t completely obvious. Have a guess…

There’s water. And reflections. Quite a bright green, but a nondescript earth or mud- or something. No obvious external point of reference. You’ll have to accept my explanation or choose to disbelieve.

Creamy yellow, sky blue, boxy shapes, reflected in water.

Those are beach huts reflected in a tidal pool.

052sony beach190919adj

Here are more huts in the same parade, but you still have to take my word for it- the reflections aren’t of these exact huts. Do you believe my explanation?

You have to weigh the evidence and decide whether or not you trust me, the photographer.

We always have to decide what to believe.

The same is true when we weigh the evidence for what we believe about about Jesus. There is evidence from eyewitnesses, there are personal experiences, comment by scholars, believers, sceptics- and we have to decide.

Sometimes it is because there is something in our circumstances that means we want to know, to believe, but we don’t have full “proof” as such.

My challenge this Monday morning is to look around you. Where is God at work? Are there signs, hints, reflections, witness statements? What you see may not be a full explanation. But then… faith is putting our trust in the One who reveals part of the picture, but says “Will you trust me? Will you choose to follow, obey, serve?”

What explanations are you giving- or seeking- right now?  Is Jesus trustworthy? That’s the ultimate question we all need to answer. may God shine Light for you today.



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