True colours- Look, See, Pray

Do you remember learning about art in school? Recognising shapes and colours, learning how to draw better, being let loose with powder paints to mix and splash on paper?

Then the awkward questions by the teacher. What colour is….. ?

Grass? Green.  Sky? Blue. Earth? Brown. Sand? Golden.

Art teacher with a twinkle in the eye: “Now go and really LOOK at them. What colour do you actually see?”

Transitioning from child-simplicity and stick-men into a Rembrandt or Van Gogh involves a huge change of perception, plus the polishing of talent to express what the artist truly “sees” – or interprets (Picasso, anyone?).

Which leads me to a photograph of Bognor Regis pier at low tide on a gorgeous sunny morning. All the structure and strength of the pier is on display. The sky was gloriously blue. So was the sand!

Moisture in the sand reflects the light and colour of the sky. Without the wetness, the sand would look gold-ish.

Perhaps it is only in my imagination, but I started thinking…  If ordinary people are as countless as the grains of sand on the beach, and the presence of the Water of Life saturates them, might we not reflect the Light of the World?  I know I’m pretty ordinary, and without the love of God in my life I’m pretty dull and gritty. But if I am soaked in the Presence of the Holy Spirit, with a spring of water welling up in my heart, then I reflect Jesus. My colour changes to what it is intended to be. People won’t just see “ordinary me”… but will see Jesus in me.

Try looking at people differently. What do you really see? Think about what people see when they look at you or me. WHO will they really see?

It may be true that our “true colour” is only revealed in the light of the love of Christ. Go on- have a prayerful look in a mirror. Who do you truly see reflected there?

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