The Storm is over now – Look, See, Pray

It’s howling as the gale blusters up from the Atlantic. There’s torrential rain, we had a power cut, and the prospect of sleeping is low.  Storms upset everything.

Watching the surf break is fascinating and humbling. Raw power smashes against immovable stone. To be caught in that would be death. Storms invoke fear.

DSC01150 smash surf

Physical storms disrupt life. Mental or spiritual storms can hit us as hard or harder. We do we find comfort or hope?

“The storm is over now…” is a favourite track from a Paul Field CD, “Restless Heart.” There’s a gorgeous bit of guitar playing, and a helpful lyric. You may find it a positive meditation if you are in the middle of the deluge. Even in this, God is with us; through this experience, we can emerge into a fresh new morning as the storm passes

“Let the lightning strike, let the thunder roll…  it’s love that brought you here. It’s alright, it’s alright, there’s nothing here can hurt you tonight. It’s alright, it’s alright, the storm is over now…”

Remember that Jesus and his friends were crossing the lake when a storm threatened to capsize their small fishing boat. In panic, they woke Jesus from his sleep- and three wonderful words brought calm. “Peace! Be still.”

May God’s grace be with us on stormy nights, blustery days, and in the quiet stillness of His peace.


Paul’s complete song can be found here:

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