Family Likeness? Look, See, Pray

I have a bird feeder in the garden: we get a good variety of visitors from robins to woodpeckers. My treat for today was a brood of my namesakes, the Starlings.  I have a fondness for good Hawaiian shirts, so the adult colouring is accurate… I am noisy and cheeky and when the little Starlings are around, you can hear us loud and clear. We also have good appetites so that runs in the family!

starling 016B-FEEDER_0519

Sadly I can’t fly.

Did I get my surname because of these birds? Somewhere in the mists of history, an ancestor was tagged as a Starling.  I wonder why.

Family likeness is obviously limited to sounds, behaviour and the imbibing of calories.

I like to think that Starlings are, on the whole, decent parents, siblings, or in my case “uncle.” The fact I have passed on a few tricks, tips and appalling jokes surely stands to my credit.

It shows the family likeness.

Watching the brood squabble today over the food was hauntingly familiar… “Feed me!” comes easily to a young Starling (and older ones as well).

Thought for today:  have you noticed the family likeness between and your Heavenly Father?  God created us “in His own image” and declared His handiwork to be GOOD.

As a Christian, my goal is to become more like Jesus himself- and every bit of progress I make brings out the family likeness a bit more.

Lord, help me grow more like You every day.

May my enjoyment of life be passed on to those who meet me;  and help me control the noise and enthusiasm if that gets too strong for those around.

May people be able to see the family likeness in me- although not perfect yet, let Your love and kind compassion show through me.  May the life of those I meet be enriched by the experience, and especially through the Christ-likeness I yearn for.

Provide for my needs, and give me a grateful spirit so I give thanks and rejoice in the love and grace You pour out. Therefore, what I pray for myself  I pray also for everyone who reads this, or likes the photographs, or pauses for a moment to remember Your great Love to them. Lord, may Your family grow closer to You and to each other. Amen.


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