Gethsemane. Look, See, Pray

Gethsemane. That’s a name forever etched in my memory. It’s been a favourite spot to pray, sitting in the olive trees in the blessed shade.

Now it’s getting dark. Something bad is happening, I know it. Judas is up to mischief, I think. He looked so small and uncomfortable when Jesus spoke to him at supper- he slunk off looking embarrassed and angry. Perhaps he had forgotten to do some errand. But it seemed to make Jesus sad to watch him go. I’ll ask him about it when I have a moment.

Those words about the bread, and the wine cup, they are ringing on in my head and I don’t know why. I must remember to write them down, they feel important.

You could cut the atmosphere with knife today. The whole city seems on edge, and the mood was nasty out there. Jesus has been speaking strangely again, all about destiny, about doing His Father’s will, and something about rebuilding the Temple in three days! Imagine that! No wonder those Pharisees looked as though they’d been swigging vinegar. Imagine…

Dangerous talk, that. I know Jesus has been trying to explain to us, but I don’t think I get it yet. Perhaps it will be clearer in a few days. I’m so sleepy. Eh, what? Sorry, Rabbi, what was that? You’re going to pray over there. Sure, we’ll wait here, there’s a good-sized rock to sit by. We’ll be close, just call out if you want us. Peter and me, we’ll stay here and keep watching. You think someone will be coming along soon? Right, right. Don’t go too far, we don’t want to lose you!

Peter. Hey, Peter. Peter! Look lively. It’s not the moment to doze off. Come on, pray like me and Jesus. Oh my. I must keep my eyes open… come on, John, I can do it. We just have to wa…….

What’s that? What? What? Jesus, you look dreadful. What have you been doing? Sorry, I just dropped off… What’s that? Oh, look- over there. A light… People coming through the trees. Judas, is that you? What are you doing? Who are these… they’re soldiers… why… No, no…

Peter has gone off after them… He’ll let us know… This looks bad. They arrested Jesus, what will happen? I think I’m going to stay here in the shadows for a bit. And pray. I don’t feel sleepy anymore. I’m scared… so scared. God, are you there? Are you listening?

It is Night.

Gethsemane 091MedCruiseFloren2 skyfire


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