The Big Story – Week 5

The Big Story logo colourWe ended last week with David’s fall from grace. This week we see him restored by God, and his son building a temple for God’s name.

But the kingdom splits and we follow the slow decline of this once-mighty kingdom as first one half and then the other is sent into exile, and we end with God’s people mourning, far from the land of promise.

Is this the end of the story?

Quick links

Week 5 readings Starting 1st April (for duplicating and distributing in church) 

Week 3 readings Starting 18th March (for printing at home for personal use) 

What is The Big Story?

The Big Story of the Bible is told through poetic prose with daily narrative readings and linking passages from elsewhere in the Bible showing how it is all one connected story. Each week we find that the story might have ended, but with God’s grace it continues.

You can add the verses between the shorter readings if you want more Bible, or you can use just the story if you want something quicker. Suitable for adults  and children, it’s very versatile, and can be used in many settings. You can use the readings daily, or cover all seven parts of the story together at a weekly Bible study group or on a Sunday.

Week 1 started in the time before time, and explored our place in creation, Week 2 traced the story of Abraham and his family, and Week 3 brought the children of Israel to the borders of the Red Sea. Week 4 saw life in the Promised Land and the rise of David as king. The series will end with the glory of Easter.

Each week’s readings fit on a single side of A5, perfect to slip into a Bible. The readings start on Mondays, so that they can be distributed in church the Sunday before. Click here for a PDF of Week 5 (2 x A5 on A4).  PDFs are published two weeks in advance to allow time for duplication and distribution. See below for all weeks.

The Big Story – Schedule of Readings 

Week to be published readings start The Big Story
Week 1 18th February 6th March (Ash Wednesday) Creation to Fall
Week 2 25th February 11th March Fall to Egypt
Week 3 4th March 18th March Egypt to Red Sea
Week 4 11th March 25th March Red Sea to David
Week 5 18th March 1st April David to Exile
Week 6 25th March 8th April Exile to Silence
Holy Week 1st April 15th April Christmas to Easter

This resource is free for you to use in your church, family or for your personal devotions. If you find it useful, please consider a donation to enable me to produce more free resources.

Thank you.

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