Power of Light- Look, See, Pray

It’s unusual. We have had summer for several days in a row!  Naturally, we are now complaining: it’s too hot. In fact it’s so hot that the roses are being singed. If you carefully look at the beautiful red rose, you can see dark patches on the edge of the petals. Light has burned the beauty.

Here’s another picture: this time, sunlight has made things clear.

021Bognor 010518

The structure of each leaf is revealed and the beauty is intensified. How marvellous!

Jesus is described as “The Light of the World.” Light reveals; strong light can also destroy. Think about this as a way of praying. When we come into the presence of the Living Light, it reveals the secrets of our soul, the structure of our character- God knows me as comprehensively as we see the chestnut leaf. Light makes things clear to all who see.

Light also purifies. When the Living Light touches us, it burns away and consumes all that is not pure. The Bible warns us that if we came into the Holiest Presence, we would be in mortal danger: pure Light cannot abide darkness. It is only through the mediating of Christ that we can draw near to God and be unharmed. If a leaf is put in a furnace, it is destroyed.

But if the Light is transmitted via the humility of Jesus, who “put on flesh” and became human, then the Light reveals Truth and promotes growth and effectiveness.

Spend a few minutes asking God to shine Light on you. Take note of what is highlighted as being only fit for burning- and ask for forgiveness, cleansing, and new purity.  Take note of the good that is shown in your life and character when the Light of Christ shines through you. Light reveals and purifies. Without Light, life fails completely.

Light has power. It reveals important Truth. What is the Light highlighting right now? THAT is the subject of your next prayer.


(c) photographs & text, 2018 Richard Starling


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