Activity – Time and Date

be ready

In the film ‘Johnny English’, the Archbishop of Canterbury has (somewhat inexplicably) the words ‘Jesus is coming, look busy’ tattooed upon his nether regions. This activity helps us to be aware of how we are living – ready for Jesus or not so much?

You will need paper, pencil and a clock.

Jesus said that we would not know the time and date of his coming, but we must be prepared. Write down the current year, month, date and time to the nearest minute.

Look at the minute time. If Jesus looked at what you are doing this minute, would he be pleased? Presumably, yes, because you’re studying his word, so that’s good. Draw a happy face above the minute.

Now look at the hour time and review what you have been doing and thinking since that hour began. Does all that look OK as well? Again, I’d guess for most of us we’d feel reasonably happy for Jesus to see what we’ve been doing in the last hour. Draw another happy face for the hour.

How about looking at the date? Has your day so far been spent in a way that you’d be comfortable for Jesus to see? I’m not sure about my day – there are always bits that could have gone better. It gets a bit harder from this point – real life kicks in a bit more. Draw whatever face you think is right for the day so far.

Now we look at the month. Would it have been OK for Jesus to come back at any time this month? Are there any bits you’d rather he’d not turned up to see? I guess we’d all have to admit there are. Perhaps the face for the month is a bit mixed.

And now the year. Unless you are reading this just after midnight on Jan 1st there will be parts of your year so far that you know would not stand up to much scrutiny. Yep, mine too. Draw the face for the year, whatever that is.

Let’s invite God into those parts of our lives that we’re not proud of, the bits we’d rather forget, and ask for his forgiveness and help to live right until we meet him – whenever that may be.

Suggested Texts

  • Matt 24
  • Matt 25
  • Mark 13:1-8
  • Mark 13:32-36
  • Luke 12:16-21
  • Luke 12:36-46
  • Luke 19:12-27
  • Romans 13:11-14


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