Cloudy with a Chance of Glory + Making a Prophet (script)

The weather forecast is, “Cloudy, with a chance of glory over high ground.” (Click image to download larger version.) This week’s readings have a lot of clouds. Moses and the cloud, Jesus and the cloud, Peter and his big mouth and the cloud. Following the theme you could add the ascension, the pillar of cloud … More Cloudy with a Chance of Glory + Making a Prophet (script)

John 10:22-30

If Jesus is not God then he is a big, fat liar. He claimed something that was the hugest lie on the planet and made dozens of his friends suffer hideous deaths for no reason. That is not a good moral teacher. That is a charlatan, a con-man, a crook – a nasty piece of work. … More John 10:22-30

Luke 3:1-6

Advent 2 – John was sent to ‘prepare the way of the Lord’. He was the PR Events Manager who went ahead of the VIP, making sure everything, everyone, was ready for his coming. We need to make sure we’re ready too. Advent is the perfect time for a spiritual spring-clean. After all, if the Queen were coming round for tea, you’d make sure the loo was sparkling and there were some good biscuits in, wouldn’t you? … More Luke 3:1-6