Hope on a stick – Love, See, Pray

I went to the local park which has been partially flooded. It could have been quite depressing- but the daffodils had other ideas. Surviving the gales, the downpours and floods, their beautiful golden crown-and-trumpets resolutely proclaimed hope. So a simple thought for today:  every time you see daffodils, remember Paul’s instruction to the early Christians: … More Hope on a stick – Love, See, Pray

Hope Is Coming

OK, one final extra resource, in case of last-minute panics. This script was written for the yoof group at my church, and can be performed with puppets (so you don’t need to learn lines) or by people. Don Key, a chat-show host, interviews Wally Jumper, a shepherd, Dr Wiseman and Mary, (plus their animals) but … More Hope Is Coming

Please explain… Look, See, Pray

Tantalising picture?  It gives some information, but isn’t completely obvious. Have a guess… There’s water. And reflections. Quite a bright green, but a nondescript earth or mud- or something. No obvious external point of reference. You’ll have to accept my explanation or choose to disbelieve. Creamy yellow, sky blue, boxy shapes, reflected in water. Those … More Please explain… Look, See, Pray