Luke 4:1-13

Lent 1 – The Devil! What do you think of when you hear that – a dapper chappy with pointy beard and horns? A comic strip character dressed in red with a pitchfork and a pointy tail? It’s all a bit cartoony, a bit story-book, isn’t it? As grown-ups, surely we’ve got beyond such childish notions. … More Luke 4:1-13

Luke 4:14-21

Epiphany 3 – What Jesus had was not just the temporary ‘up’ of having a good day – it was a much bigger, deeper kind of ‘up’. It was the kind of ‘up’ that stays up even when the scaffolding underneath is taken away.

Ignatius of Loyola called this state ‘consolation’. It is the state of knowing that you are walking in step with God and it is not dependent on the circumstances. … More Luke 4:14-21