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The Big Story

The Bible as a Connected Story for Lent and Holy Week.

This Lent, discover the Bible as one Big Story of God and God’s people. The latest book from The Reflectionary follows the story from the very beginning of everything up to the wonder of Easter morning – and it’s out now!

Yes, hot off the press is a new book of devotions for Lent: The Big Story – The Bible as a Connected Story for Lent and Holy Week.

Perfect for personal devotions, for weekly Bible studies, youth groups and sermon series. – And what a gorgeous cover!

Day by day from Ash Wednesday to Easter Sunday, we follow The Big Story of God and Gods people. Each week the story seemingly crashes to an end, but by God’s grace, it continues.

You can follow The Big Story by yourself, with your family, in church, or in a group. The short, lyrical summaries are useful for gaining an overview of the whole story of the Bible, and for showing how some familiar (and some less-familiar) parts of the Bible fit together. Every day includes a section of The Big Story, a space for you to respond with a question to prompt your thoughts, Bible readings, a reflection and a short prayer.


Walking to Bethlehem cover

Walking to Bethlehem
An Advent Journey

25 imaginative devotions for adults and children

(Nov 2019)

Want an Advent calendar filled with more than just chocolate? These short devotions are filled with ways you can step off the Motorway Madness that is the lead-up to Christmas, and step into the slow lane with Mary and Joseph. With relaxing original artwork, craft and music as well as creative devotions, see this familiar story through fresh eyes.

#3 best-seller on Amazon’s list! Woo hoo!

Reviewers say …

“In the style of C. S. Lewis and Max Lucardo, this devotional and practical Advent Calendar will help you ponder the promise and ask the questions. Fun, festive and frank, this is a journey you are invited along.”

“Travel from BC to AD with seeing, hearing and doing to focus your mind on the road to Bethlehem. Fun and devotional, practical and creative.”

“In a light-hearted way, Fay brings the emotions and feelings of the characters in the bible stories to life. In the ‘To Think About’ sections, she helps us to imagine what was going on through modern eyes.”

“You have made the trek before, but not in this way. Travel at your own pace, ponder, reflect and create, as you rediscover the walk to Bethlehem.”


bucket drama 2 kindle cover finalA(nother) Bucketful of Ideas for Church Drama

14 skits, sketches and puppet shows for schools, churches and family fun

(Sept 2019)

The amazing CRISP-tingle, a Pop-Up Nativity and Snottis Green, (a sketch for Advent) – your Christmas is sorted!

Plus Abraham and his Sat-Nav, and new take on the Prodigal with The Stinky Son and Jonah-Man on his way to a holiday Wales and lots more.

Want to see Moses in a cheesy advert? Want to know who had a flea-bag servant? Want to find out what a Wattle Worm is? Look no further.

14 brand-new sketches for a variety of events, available in paperback or Kindle.

Plus hints and tips on getting started in puppetry, including designs for making your own puppet theatre!

Reviewers say …

  • “Witty, punchy and thought-provoking.”
  • “Lots of good ideas here.”
  • “The scripts are funny, punny, expository and engaging.”
  • “This went down a storm today!”
  • “A Bucketful of Ideas – ideas to educate, entertain and evangelise.”
  • “Wow! I love it.”
  • “Delivers the timeless truths of scripture in a modern and punchy manner.”