Distinctive… Look, See, Pray

Gold, purple, and orange against a mellow green. A charming palette where shapes and colours are so distinctive.

In the foreground is a salsify plant, flower wide open with a golden landing path marked for the pollinators. Bright orange behind it stands a Californian Poppy- since purple, green and orange are nearly opposites on the Colour Wheel, the colours have real impact.



Colour theory is useful: we can work “with the rules” to produce camouflage or bold statements that clearly stand out.

As a Christian, how well do we stand out? Are we distinctive? A “meme” from my youth: “IF you were arrested for being a Christian, would there be enough evidence to convict you?”

Please note- I am NOT trying to make anyone feel guilty or put down.

One thing, however, is very clear in the New Testament. We are to be like a “city set on a hill” or a light that is not “covered with a basket!” (Matthew 5 v14-15) Christians should be distinctive because our values and actions will reflect the standards of Heaven rather than the mess of human “civilisation.” The truth we believe and the Love that we have received are to be passed joyously on. Surely we should be those who bring hope when we arrive, not those who give joy when we go.

Did you know that the name “Christian” originally meant “little Christs”? I think that’s my goal: to be a distinctive, faithful “little Christ” who takes love, faith, and grace to ANYONE who wants to find the full-size Christ.

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