Mont St Michel – Look, See, Pray

Brittany and Normandy are two stunning regions of France- and the pinnacle of our visit was a day at Mont St Michel. Imposing itself on the flat landscape and vast bay, it has a long history of human occupation. The first Abbey was planned in 708AD, and a vision of the Archangel Michael inspired the founding of a Christian community here. The slow passing of the years has seen the islet used as a monastery, a prison, and a fortress. A community of monks and nuns are resident now, and the Abbey and a pilgrim guest house attract tourists and pilgrims in great numbers.

The Abbey points to the heavens- an unmissable signpost that reminds the onlooker that the greatness of God is celebrated through the faith of the builders who put life and soul into a project for the ages.

Not too long ago, the highest building in the UK and Europe were ALL cathedrals, abbeys and churches; God above all.

Nowadays we have built palaces of wealth and pride, towers “reaching to the skies” that tell a different message- “God is replaced by our pride and achievement.” Are we better off as a result? Highly doubtful.

When we first saw Mont St Michel we were impressed, even awed by the skill and beauty of this prominent and amazing sanctuary. It remindes me of the way prophets like Jeremiah burst into praise and worship when they contemplated the wonder and power of God and His acts. God who is Living, God who is great, God who is powerful beyond our imagining. We were pointed to the Lord through what we saw- and even our finest human endeavours pall in comparison to what God can do just by stretching out His arm. THAT is a truth worth pondering! God is not limited: and we get to hold worshipful conversation with Him. Even about the things we consider to be problems beyond any solution. If God can do ALL, then He is the One to trust and obey.

“Dear God, my Master, you created earth and sky by your great power — by merely stretching out your arm! There is nothing you can’t do.” – Jeremiah 32 v17

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