Free Books!

My apologies for an extra post this week, but I did not want you, my lovely subscribers, to miss out on the freebie.

In celebration of the launch of not one, not two, but THREE new Nativity Script Books, I’m giving away free (optionally signed) copies.

To enter, simply tell someone else about The Reflectionary (eg, share a post) or review one of my books, then send your name to fay ‘at’ for a chance to win a book of your choice.🤩

I have no way of checking up on you, so this is an honour system. But I’m sure you’re all trustworthy.

Closing date will be announced shortly (it kinda depends on how quick people are) and winners drawn by dragon after that.

Following the success of ‘God Is With Us – Everywhere!‘, (2020) the new titles are ‘Christmas Gone Worng!‘, ‘Away in a Suitcase‘ and a compilation volume, ‘I Saw Three Skits Come Sailing In.

God Is With Us – Everywhere!

A Rhyming Nativity Play

Tells the traditional story of God With Us, with rhyme, funny twists and a heart-felt message. Meet a cool Gabriel, shepherds who think they’ve seen a UFO, and the child who changes everything.

Click here for a PDF sample [God is with us – everywhere sample]

ISBN: 978-1-915150-03-5 (2020)

Christmas Gone Worng!

An All-Age Nativity Play

This light-hearted Nativity play tells the traditional Christmas story, but everything goes a bit worng. There is a stroppy Mary, a confused wise man and an angel who … well, you’ll have to read the script to find out.

Click here for a PDF sample [Christmas Gone Worng sample]

ISBN: 978-1-915150-08-0 (2022)

Away in a Suitcase

A (Twenty) First Century Nativity

A funny, festive yet poignant re-telling of the Nativity story. Mary and Joseph’s hotel room has been double-booked by three visiting foreigners. There are no travel cots left, so they use a suitcase as their baby’s first bed. With a charming transformation to a traditional crib at the end, there won’t be a dry eye in the house.

Click here for a PDF sample [Away in a Suitcase sample]

ISBN: 978-1-915150-10-3 (2022)

I Saw Three Skits Come Sailing In

A Trio of Modern Nativity Plays

You like the title? My eldest daughter thought of it for me. This is a compilation volume of all three titles, for a bargain price!

Any of the titles can be purchased from me and signed if required.
all come with permission to duplicated for rehearsals and to put recordings on school or church websites etc.

For sample scripts, see above

ISBN: 978-1-915150-12-7 (2022)

This site contains affiliate links. Anything you buy after following a link will contribute a (tiny) sum to support these free resources. The price you pay is the same and no personal data is passed in either direction.

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