Christ the King + competition winner

Forgive me, gentle reader, it has been a long and frazzling week. All good stuff, but hard work and I’m afraid I’ve not been able to write this week’s Reflectionary in time.

It was going to be something along these lines:

  • Not Christmas yes, not even Advent, but blink and we’ll be watching those end-of year review shows.
  • Always interesting to look back on the year. Much has changed, much stayed the same.
  • Christ the King marks the end of the church year. Perhaps this is a good time to look back over out year, before the flurry of Christmas starts in earnest. How has it been for you?
  • Daniel’s ‘night visions’ see the court room of heaven being assembled, with The Ancient of Days sitting as judge, and the books are opened. Mega review of the year(s)
  • One ‘like a son of man’ comes before the throne and is given authority. When Jesus called himself ‘The Son of Man’, that didn’t mean he was a mere human, he was referencing Daniel. He is the one with authority to judge.
  • Before Pilate, Jesus references Daniel again, and his vision of four kingdoms (statues, beasts). The kingdoms that had conquered Israel (Babylon, Persia, Greece, Rome) would be defeated by a kingdom not from the world (rock not made by human hands). So Jesus said “My kingdom is not from this world”, referring to this final kingdom that lasts for ever.

That’s about the sum of it. Feel free to use those thoughts and mould them how you will.

For a fuller and written-out-in proper-sentences treatment, I can do no better than to point you to the website of the wonderful Ian Paul. 

Other resources for Christ the King are here.

Competition Winner

And finally, I can reveal the winner of the competition for free books!

Drum roll, and that awkwardly long pause … 

Congratulations to Louise Reid! Ta Da!

Louise bought two books, A(nother) Bucketful of Ideas for Church Drama and Walking to Bethlehem, so she wins two books of her choice. Louise has chosen A Bucketful of Ideas (the companion volume, in case you hadn’t guessed) and my new book, So You’ve Finished Writing. Now What?

I’m also going to throw in a copy of God Is With Us – Everywhere, the chart-topping rhyming Nativity play. So that’s a bumper book pack on it’s way to Louise very soon. Many congrats!


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