Though Broken… Look, See, Pray

Wind. Rain. Slugs and bugs… it’s tough, being a tree. It all starts out bonny in the Spring, then imperfection takes over.

Somehow life keeps going- and the purpose of fruitfulness is expressed. These small trees line the bypass near here, a mix of hawthorn, blackthorn and sloes. Spring blossom is cheery and bright- and the crop of berries & sloes feed the wildlife, and sloes can make a fine gin!

By fruiting season, the leaves are torn, battered and eaten; some of the branches will have been smashed off by the tractor flails. The trees are no longer bonny- but they are still a success.

Rick Warren says “In God’s garden of grace, even broken trees bear fruit.”

For me, partially disabled and subject to chronic pain and fatigue, those words resound with hope. I felt old yesterday: the council confirmed I will receive my concessionary Bus Pass as an Old Age Pensioner, probably in time for my birthday. My diary is no longer full. Some of my skills are rusty, and I have some broken dreams and disappointments. So have you, I’m sure.

It’s nice to know I still have my uses! God can and does still use me. Even, sometimes, because I have experienced some brokenness and am perhaps more humble and less pushy. Going through the seasons of life adds wisdom.

The grace of God- freely given, undeserved, offered in love and compassion. God’s grace + me (and you) gives the possibility of still making a positive contribution, making a difference in a world where bluster and aggression have become “normal.” Our “fruit” can feed the birds… our love can change a life.

We may be broken. But God is NOT broken.

Even though broken, we are still loved and able to be a blessing. Even the battered hedges help LIFE.

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