A Psalm of Summer- Look, See, Pray

Far, far horizons…
Hidden in mists and unknown,
Across the deeps and trackless paths of the sea.
Hope rises gentle from soft southern lands,
airs chasing Jack Frost home to the North-
promising summer’s heat and the birds of the South.

Swifts dart on wingtip, swallows skim streams.
Joy ascends from my toes to my heart, 
my hands, my mouth- praise bursts forth!
Our winter is past, the summer dances;
Glad laughter lauds the Heavenly One 
As Hope fills the skies and sea with gold.

Breathe, faithful breeze, bring showers and sun,
from East and West, from Heaven to Earth!
Let roses entice our senses with perfumed light,
and bees bring sweetness from the flowers!
Earth brings its offerings of creature and plants,
Mankind offers kindness in response to God’s Love.
Though storms may bring havoc,
Though suffering invade,
Though hard hearts cause pain-
Yet will I praise the Rescuer’s Name!
Today I will serve both Him and my neighbour!
This moment make Holy in sanctified Love.

A Psalm of Summer © Richard Starling, 2021

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