Free Holy Week Resources – Book Samples

The Big Story cover transFree Holy Week samples from my Lent book The Big Story. Links to printable PDFs below. These are perfect for dipping into daily, as weekly readings, or as a quick-read overview.

The samples features the week’s summary for Holy Week in creative re-telling of Jesus’ life and ministry, plus two full day’s resources: Monday of Holy Week and Holy Saturday.

Each resources set contains two linked readings (usually one from the Old and one from the New Testament),  wondering questions with space for your thoughts, a short reflection, and a prayer.

Monday of Holy Week features Isaiah 40 and Galatians 4, while Holy Saturday links Daniel 7 and Colossians 1. Wondering how? Take a look! Just follow the links to Amazon and use the ‘Look Inside’ feature to see a larger sample. (Links will take you to UK Amazon, but you can buy from your local country.)

Feel free to use these resource packs as personal devotions, as readings in church, (the summaries are great for multi-reader, try it with the youth group!) or as hamster bedding.

If you like the sample, you can buy the book as paperback or Kindle from Amazon, (see links on the right) or from me if you want a signed copy (but I only have two left, so be quick!). It does not matter that we’re half way through Lent, this is designed so that you can drop in at any time.

The Big Story presents the Bible as a whole connected story, starting in one garden and ending in another on a glorious Easter morning. Click on the links below for free PDFs, containing the creative summaries for every day of Holy Week and sample resource packs for two days. 

writer mug 3

I’m a free-lance writer, and my children will insist on growing. (Who knew?)

If you find these resources helpful, please consider donating to help me provide more. 


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