Relax, and Fend Off Christmas Frazzle

Bible Verse Colouring Cards – Some Christmas Down-Time for All Ages

card 1 colPut on some relaxing music, grab your cosiest fluffy socks and a warm drink and forget about hand sanitiser and face masks for a while.

Colouring is not just for kids. It’s a great way for all of us – old and young, on your own or in a family, artistic or not – to slow down our minds and give ourselves a chance to breathe.

You’re too busy to colour? You’re too busy!

Colouring is a great leveller – everyone can do it, and it’s not an art competition, so it doesn’t matter if you go over the lines or you leave some bits out. Think of it as a prayer with pens. Let the words wash over you and give them time to sink in. Or simply spend time with people who matter, and thank God for them.

This week we have verses from:

  • Isaiah 9:6  – To us a child is born
  • Matthew 1:21 / Luke 1:31 – You shall name him Jesus
  • Revelation 17:14 – King of Kings
  • Luke 2:14 – Glory to God in the highest

Here’s a preview of what’s in this week’s pack (PDF link below). Keep a look out for more great designs in the weeks up to Christmas.

cards 1 preview

Print on stout paper or card (or cheapy printer paper, like I did) and cut along either outline for a rectangle or arch-shaped picture. Here are some ideas for how to use them:

Large size

  • Hand-made Christmas cards (not just for kids!) Why not try a different medium, such as watercolour, for a change?
  • Send blank with coloured pens as a Christmas craft gift.

Medium size

  • Blessing cards – hand-write blessing prayers on the back and drop them round your neighbours’ houses, or enclose one with a Christmas card.
  • Invitations – whatever you’re allowed to invite people to this year, here’s the perfect size for that.

Small size

  • Gift tags for presents.
  • Christmas tree decorations – write or draw a prayer inside each one.

I’d love to see your finished artwork.
Send photos to and you may see your name in next week’s blog!

Look out for more great designs next week.

Click here for PDF – Cards 1-4

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