Significant Days – Look, See, Pray

People have too much time on their hands because of the pandemic lock down. This week, I have been notified of several significant days.

We have just passed 100 Days in Lock Down. Who counted?

We are nearer NEXT Christmas than last Christmas. Can I put the tree up?

My wife has a birthday coming up, our wedding anniversary is very soon (33 years and loving it), and the USA holds its Independence Day hoo-hah. I’d offer my U.S. friends a chance to cancel independence if they’d agree to drink tea properly and use English spellings (only joking!).

All significant days in their way: every one has a story, implications, or a memory. Much more important are birthdays and anniversaries, the markers of our passage through life. Days that are significant because of the people involved and the experiences shared.

I find it hard to realise that we were married 33 years ago. Surely that makes us older and wiser? One lives in hope… I remember standing at the front of our church, watching as Juliet glided elegantly up the aisle. Family and friends gathered, worship offered to God, promises made and vows exchanged. That was a day that changed both our lives for the better!

My photo for today came from a day of strange weather. The sun was rising over the sea, bright and beautiful. Then a squall pushed in, coming up the English Channel and threatening violence. Not long after I sought the safety of my car, and drove home through pouring rain. Brightness turned to a murky blankness, and sheets of water fell from the lowering clouds. A sudden and deeply significant change of circumstances. I remember the day well.

I have been reading Psalm 25 today. It is a song for decision-making days, really significant moments; and begins with praise, hope and confidence. Show me the path, guide me, for You can be trusted, O God. Then it gets darker- honest self-appraisal leads to remorse and seeking forgiveness. Immediately after that (v15-20) comes a plea for help, protection from enemies, and an S.O.S message- Save me, Lord!

The ending is unusual. Psalm 25:21-22 (Living Bible) : “Assign me Godliness and Integrity as my bodyguards, for I expect you to protect me and to ransom Israel from all her troubles.”

It seems to me that this is an appropriate scripture to think on for all these significant days. Life is full of joy, and also a mess of troubles. The honest expression of faith covers all the bases, good and bad, and then ends with the request for life to be guarded by Godliness and Integrity. The clear implication is that a life built on those two qualities can be confident of God’s help. Show me the path where I should go, O Lord…

Perhaps the truly significant day is every day on which we commit to godliness and integrity- and God commits to us.

Read Psalm 25 for yourself. It could change your perspective on life.

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