Word Forever- Look, See, Pray

Picnics! Days of sunshine, sandwiches and squash. And wasps. That’s how I remember childhood fun, and I still enjoy a nice picnic. Without wasps, if possible.

This photo came from a picnic a while back. Our church went together to a lovely country park, and had a lovely time.

Just nearby was an area of long grasses and weeds, with added wild flowers that drew my eye. The long grass was dry and going brown. Our picnic site was well tended and lush green. Flowers and weeds were blooming well, and a gentle buzzing sounded like a distant F1 Grand Prix.

It was a “now” moment, a precious time to seize the opportunity to rejoice in life and beauty, in friendship and faith.

It wouldn’t take long before the grasses withered and the seed heads swayed until the tractor came to mow it all away. A passing moment, but a precious one.

With all the aggravation around us, and the hasty splurge of news stories that sweeps over us every day, we can lose track of the precious moments. If we aren’t careful, we can lose even their memory. Looking at my photo brought the joy back.

Isaiah, one of the greatest prophets of the whole Bible has apposite words.

Isaiah 40:8 (NLT) “The grass withers and the flowers fade, but the word of our God stands forever.”

Even our most wonderful memories, our life-trophies, are temporary. They will fade. Yet what God says, STAYS. Truth stands forever. The beautiful love of God described and written down will never disappear. Justice and mercy walk hand in hand. Freedom and accountability are life-partners.

Take time to look for the grasses, the wild flowers – even dandelions look gorgeous (and feed the bees!). Then, admiring those fading glories, remind yourself of the Eternal Truth of the God-who-speaks, the God-who-is-with-us and the true hope of all peoples.

Skin colour? Irrelevant. Heart, character, behaviour and faith- Vital.

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