There and back again- Look, See, Pray

Lambs. So cute, so lovely. So Easter.

This is Holy Week- and we now stand between the grand arrival of Palm Sunday, and the sacrifice for the Day of Atonement.  Jesus has spoken of Himself as the “Lamb of God” gaining responses ranging from total incomprehension to a slowly dawning dread. And that was only among the Twelve!

Holy Week is the end of the journey that began with John the Baptist’s shout:

John saw Jesus coming toward him and said, “Look! The Lamb of God who takes away the sin of the world!”  John 1:29 (NLT2)

On Thursday, Friday, and Saturday we will focus on the sacrifice of the Cross. Before we rush to the “exciting” dreadful bit, can we slow down and think of how Jesus spent his week?

“There and back again.” He entered Jerusalem… he spoke, acted, and was present among the crowds. Then in the evening- he left the city, withdrawing to the quiet of the village.  There is a rhythm to His life: engagement and retreat.

Jesus found time to be with just a few close friends; he had time to pray and enjoy the intimacy of that prayer, a communion with Father God and Holy Spirit. Strengthened by this, the next day followed…

At the beginning of our Holy Week, can we do the same? Find time in our evening to set a tryst with God?

Half an hour without the mindless TV.  Perhaps longer, talking with precious people, and finding silence to seek the Face of the Holy One.  Allowing the rhythm of the steps of Jesus to dictate the pace of our walk alongside Him.

Prepare for Easter’s full symphony of splendour, suffering, and wondering joy.

This year the “lock down” is forcing many of us to be quieter and isolated. Others are facing the pressure of long days with children restricted to home. Some are stricken by money worries or concerns about jobs. May we all find a way to let Jesus set our rhythm.

Lamb of God_Ashridge Sheep

May we become more and more conscious of Jesus inhabiting our week. Peace to you!


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