Hope Is Coming

OK, one final extra resource, in case of last-minute panics.

This script was written for the yoof group at my church, and can be performed with puppets (so you don’t need to learn lines) or by people.

wonkeyDon Key, a chat-show host, interviews Wally Jumper, a shepherd, Dr Wiseman and Mary, (plus their animals) but there’s a lot of confusion. Are we waiting for someone else too? We hope he’s coming!

But we finds out that it’s not that wishy-washy hope. It’s Hope, with a capital H. And he’s definitely coming! Can someone call a taxi, please? I need to get to Bethlehem and my donkey’s got a flat hoof!

With puns and laughs a-plenty, this is great for All-Age Worship, Messy Church, or an end-of term school play.

Click here for PDF – Hope Is Coming

Click below for an MP3 of the script


Many thanks to Steve Dawson of Attic Studios for additional material and voice acting (he’s playing Don, and a load of others).

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