Save My Bees!

Apologies for the intrusion, dear reader, but I wonder if I could ask a favour. I need help to  Save My Bees!

honey-bees-and-lavenderYesterday I discovered a nest of honey bees behind the tiles underneath my daughter’s bedroom window. Local beekeepers will not retrieve them because they are inside the structure and say that, sadly, the nest will have to be destroyed.

Local bee retrieval firms also say the same. They would collect a swarm, or a nest from an accessible place such as a loft, but my situation would mean taking tiles off, and they won’t do that.

Finally, this morning, I found a company who promised that they could retrieve the bees alive and re-home them. Trouble is, it costs around £4000.

honey bee on a purple flowerI simply do not have that kind of money. Not even close.

So I have started a crowd funder. Would you be so kind as to consider helping, please? Just click this link: Save My Bees!

This needs to be fairly swift, so that the colony and honey comb do not grow too big, so we have until the end of the month to raise the funds. Otherwise I will have to call in the other bods, who will only charge £200, but they will kill the bees. I really, really don’t want to do that.

Please will you help? Save My Bees!

Any money left over will be split between Breast Cancer UK and the RNLI. Both very worthy causes, I’m sure you’ll agree. Many thanks for reading thus far




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