Form a Queue! – Look, See, Pray

Have you ever thought about the strange fact that the word “queue” has FOUR silent letters? Queues have been on the news. Fuelled by fuel- the absence of- the great British public has been “hunter-gathering” petrol and diesel and generally blocking the roads near filling stations. Some people have been putting petrol in “just in case” and others have been driven to despair trying to find ANY fuel for essential mileage… … More Form a Queue! – Look, See, Pray

Save My Bees!

Apologies for the intrusion, dear reader, but I wonder if I could ask a favour. I need help to  Save My Bees! Yesterday I discovered a nest of honey bees behind the tiles underneath my daughter’s bedroom window. Local beekeepers will not retrieve them because they are inside the structure and say that, sadly, the … More Save My Bees!

Wildflowers, honey, and a praying camera – Look, See, Pray

Dear God, thank you for the Piglet moments, the love and care of a good friend. Thank you for caring about us: thanks for a world of flowers, bees and honey, for cameras that help us pray, and for all those moments which restore our souls and reconnect us to Your amazing grace and love. … More Wildflowers, honey, and a praying camera – Look, See, Pray