First things first- Look, See, Pray

I’ve been thinking about priorities. The last couple of weeks have found me needing to conserve energies. Dozing off at odd moments isn’t really a problem for a retired man (as long as I don’t burn the dinner or crash the car) because I can “do it tomorrow.

Except some days I can end up not doing much at all.

Today I sort of planned to visit a lavender farm and take beautiful pictures. That hasn’t happened. I also expected to visit a lawn-mower spares place because I managed to wreck the Flymo yesterday (and the spare one caught fire, but let’s not get into that!). Now it is probably a job for “tomorrow” …. Note to self: buy bolt extractor, buy replacement part, practice muttering rude words under my breath as I try and fix it…

As I often do, I consoled myself by looking through photos that I did manage to take recently. This bee was intoxicated by the scent and savour of these borage flowers. She couldn’t keep away. Dancing from flower to flower, stuffing pollen into sacs, sipping the sweet nectar, coming back for more.

Photographing a small high-speed bee is a combination of much practice and dumb luck. The more I practice, the luckier I get.

Sharp, because I used a high shutter speed to capture the movement. But I could (and several times did) miss the moment. This was the best picture. The technology built by Nikon did its job (other camera brands are available) and my brain and reflexes coped.

My subject, let’s call her Bee-atrix, demonstrated singlemindedness- a clear purpose worthy of attention and energy.

May I have as much clarity of purpose as Bee-atrix. OR, as Jesus said,  “Seek FIRST the Kingdom of God… and all the other things will be given to you.”

Perhaps a Friday or Saturday may be a good opportunity to reflect on purpose.

First things first.

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