Simple Kindness- Look, See, Pray

It was a “soft” morning. The air was cool, the breeze gentle, and the dampness had scattered delicate drops over the petals. Such days are a gift, a kindness from God.

It was a calm day.  No-one seemed in a hurry.  People passed in the park with a friendly word. We all stopped to see scurrying squirrels, daringly early daffodils, and watched as blackbirds and robins looked for lunch.

I think everybody went on from the park in a better frame of mind. Perhaps our hearts were softened by the softness of the day. We were kind and polite. Such attitudes are brushed aside when the “busy” intrudes or people only look out for themselves. Simple acts of kindness are to be treasured, received with gratitude, and given with generosity.

Here’s a quote from Mother Teresa, who spent her life in acts of kindness to the poorest and most despairing.

Kindness Teresa 063250119 flowers crop

Perhaps we are at our best, and most like God, when we mimic the kindness of God Himself. How can I be kind today? To whom can I speak an endless echo of love?

Psalm 117:2  For His loving-kindness is great toward us, and the truth of the LORD is everlasting. Praise the LORD!

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