Tick Tock – Look, See, Pray

Time is our tyrant. We have a limited life span, and from the beginning of life on the Earth, the Sun and Moon have marked our passage. Success and failure, laughter and tears: experiences to savour, and others to lament.

Not content with Day and Night, humanity has tried to control Time by measuring it. Monolithic stones and sundials, seasonal feasts, plans for agriculture and building. Thus entered the diary, the “to do” list, the deadline, and the delight of “rush hour.”

We even invented clocks. Tick, tock, ceaselessly marching towards the unknown and condemning every Present moment to become the Past.

In the U.K., the clocks will change this weekend: we will have an extra hour to sleep, and then all the evenings will grow shorter and darker until the turning of the year. But if we are willing, we can still find golden moments of timeless awe, of beauty and joy. The photos were taken on a glorious evening as the Sun lowered itself discreetly behind a veil of clouds across the far horizon. Ships passed ponderously over the silver and gold sea, silhouetted against beauty.  Like a searchlight of immense power, golden beams picked out farm cottages on the hillside: and gradually the sky transformed into gold, purple and orange before the peaceful evening helped us find rest and sweet sleep.

This is a short prayer about the tick, the tock, and the Eternal Hands of the One who needs no clock. Bless you with golden moments, comfort in darkness, and Love.

Tick Tock Prayer Norway25th_1057_edited-1

Words and photographs copyright Richard Starling, 2018.

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