Morning, with Diamonds – Look, See, Pray

Thursday was a wet day. Normal life came to a standstill- well, not quite. But the intake of hot tea in the UK probably went up considerably.

Circumstances made us change plans, change clothes, change attitudes. I didn’t hear anyone say “What a lovely rainy day.” But this morning…

049gdn_raindrops crop

Everything outside was covered in sparkling beauty. Light + raindrops = diamonds.

015gdn_raindrops crop

Roses gleamed. Leaves shone. And spirits rose.

Yesterday’s trouble and change became this morning’s gift.

These “diamonds” carried no price tag.

No-one could collect them and hide them away as a secret stash of hidden wealth or beauty.

By lunchtime they vanished- except in these photographs that catalogued their short span of loveliness.

Each bejewelled plant was a brief reminder that today is a fresh beginning and whatever came before does not condemn today.

The Bible has many promises of hope, of reconciliation, of new beginnings. Take a little time to reflect on your situation. Are you stuck under dreary clouds, or has your morning dawned, with diamonds? If I hadn’t gone out looking, I would have missed the new day and its gift of beauty. What we see is determined by where and how we look.

How precious are your thoughts about me, O God. . .
And when I wake up, you are still with me! (Psalm 139: 17, 18)

Every day God looks for us. He has cared about the things and people we care about. God’s faithful love is the source of “diamond mornings.” He is ALWAYS with us.

Next time it rains… look for the diamonds when daybreak comes.

021gdn_raindrops edcrop



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