Deep Secret Rose – Look, See, Pray

I fell in love with “Deep Secret” when I was quite young.  Woolworths used to sell plants in tall packages, and I bought this unknown red rose from my Mum. Deep rich red, almost black when the buds are tight, and with a wonderfully strong fragrance… Mum loved it, kept it for years, picked a rosebud for my wedding day, and managed to strike a cutting for us when we moved up to Derbyshire in 1988. The bush adapted well to its new home, and I successfully moved the rose to Devon in 1994- but couldn’t move it to Luton in 2010.

No other red rose has ever matched it, in my opinion, and I missed its annual appearance in the garden.

Deep Secret 001roses 0618edUntil Monday.  I went to my local garden centre down here in Sussex. They had two “Deep Secret” roses in stock, and now they only have one. The best specimen is now in my garden, and this gorgeous rose has delighted me all week.

I wish the photo could let you sniff the scent- but at least you can see the rich colour.

Why am I writing this? Well, Mum died nearly thirteen years ago, I’ve been married nearly 31 years- and finding this lovely rose has affected me profoundly. It’s not just the colour, nor the scent- it is the memories of love and shared lives. Love doesn’t die, and it needn’t fade. With the right reminders, it can bloom again. Perhaps that is the REAL deep secret. Love is eternal- because it comes from the very nature of God. The “deep secret” has become an “open secret.” That’s worth knowing, and worth passing on.  I wonder- do you have YOUR “Deep Secret” moments and reminders?  Be thankful, and pass love on.

Psalm 36:7   “How precious is your steadfast love, O God! The children of mankind take refuge in the shadow of your wings.”

(c) Text and Photograph 2018, Richard Starling

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