Hymn Meditation – Wise men seeking Jesus


Wise men seeking Jesus

The Wise Men were
Seeking Jesus.
They travelled a long way
Guided on their journey
By a beauteous star.

We have no
Star to follow
We don’t need a
Star to follow.
If we desire Jesus
He is close at hand
In our own Holy Island.
Sitting in the sunshine
Looking at Lindisfarne Castle
Across a sandy bay
Jesus can be found
By those who seek him.
He can be met by
Quiet lakes, on
Hillsides, wherever
Morning breaks.
In the cornfield,
At the market place,
Talking to fishermen
Like he did in Galilee.

In every city, town and village
Jesus can be found.
He is closer to us
Than we think,
All we have to do is look
For him, as he seeks us.
Like the Wise Men,
We will have found
Him and can offer
Ourselves to him as he
Offers himself to us and
He will dwell
In our hearts
For evermore.

by Nick Percival


Wise men seeking Jesus
Author: James T. EastImage

Rejoice and Sing 185

Image – anonymous Pixabay user

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