Introduction to All Age Service

stars-1081861_960_720God’s Revelation

Let us sing to the Lord;
Let us praise him with a joyful noise.

He made the universe and the stars and galaxies
So that we could hardly imagine how big they are.

He made atoms and molecules
So that we could hardly imagine how small they are.

He made the world, and everything in it
So that we could hardly imagine how beautiful it is.

He gave his only son for our salvation
And we can only wonder at his love for us.

His love is so deep
That we can’t get under it.

His love is so wide
That we can’t get round it.

Hymn 349, Jesus’ love is very Wonderful can optionally be sung here

Our Response

Brothers and Sisters in Christ, why are you here today?
We have come to worship the God who saves us.

God is always with us. God is not confined to Church,
But we have come to worship together, and to encourage one another.

How shall we worship a God so great and wonderful?
We will pray to Him, and praise Him, and tell Him we love him,
We will say we are sorry for what we have spoiled of his creation,

We will be refreshed by his love and forgiveness,
We will listen to His word and learn from him.

God created the earth, the sea, and the sky.
What can we offer to so great a God?
We offer what He most wants: our hearts and our love.
We offer our lives, to live in mercy, peace, love and justice.
We offer gifts of our money for His work.

When we leave, God will be with us in our daily lives,
We shall live as we worship, aware of God’s presence with us every day.


David Moore, Aug 2016, based on an idea from the Baptist Church. Used with permission.
Permission to used granted. Please attribute.




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