Activity – Who is in charge?

We can use coloured ‘reins’ to help us visualise and mediate on places where we have, or don’t have, control. We are going to use the fingers of the hand to represent the areas of our lives that God has entrusted to our care. It is good to take responsibility for the things given to us, but it is also good to remember that we are only stewards.

You will need scissors and some lengths (about 50cm) of different coloured yarns – at least five colours and enough for five lengths each, with a few spares.

DSCN4588Thumb: this is the strongest digit
Think of your areas of strength, your talents, your skills. Choose a colour of yarn to represent the things that you are good at. Tie a small loop at one end, just big enough to fit over your thumb. This is the rein that controls your talents. You may feel you have a lot of control, or not so much. Slip the loop onto your thumb.

Index finger: this points the way
Choose another yarn to represent our ambitions and goals, the directions we are headed, our careers. Perhaps this feels an unguided area. Make another rein and slip it onto your index finger.

Middle finger: this is the tallest finger
For the middle finger we think of important things in our lives, the people we admire and follow, our our loved ones, our money and home. Choose a yarn and make a rein.

Ring finger: this finger is for relationships
Our relationships could be with family, with friends, church members or colleagues. Make a rein for these and wear it on your ring finger.

Little finger: this is the weakest finger
We will think about the weaknesses in our lives. What are the areas we are finding a struggle? Even if we cannot control circumstances, we can control our reactions. Put a rein on this finger too.

These are some of the areas where we are acting as stewards for God. He gives good things for us to enjoy and use. God entrusts us with the reins of our lives. We are not supposed to act like the servant who hid his master’s money, but to use God’s gifts wisely in the consciousness that we are only stewards, not owners.

Quietly think about each yarn in turn and, after examining that aspect of your life, cut the yarn off your finger, symbolically relinquishing the ultimate control to the rightful king.

Suggested Texts

  • Matt 20:1-16
  • Matt 25:14-30
  • Luke 19:11-27
  • Luke 20:9-19
  • Luke 23:3
  • John 18:37


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