Activity – Fire Hats

flame hatsYou can adapt this activity for lots of occasions – Pentecost is obvious, but there’s Elijah’s soggy bonfire or Moses’ burning bush.

You could make half reds, half blues for the pillars of fire and cloud. What about blues and greens for crossing the Jordan?

You will need

  • 9″ (24cm) paper plates   Uk-flag   usa-flag 
  • scissors   Uk-flag  (in wooden block)  usa-flag  (in hyper-cute caddy)
  • small sponges or sponge brushes (less messy)   Uk-flag   usa-flag 
  • small amounts of paints in red, orange and yellow   Uk-flag   usa-flag  

Affiliate links: The flags will take you to supplies from / Anything you buy in that session will help to support this ministry and keep it free. So feel free to order that grand piano you’ve always wanted.

Use the sponges to dab colours all over the plate. Do this at the start of the session and it should be dry to complete it by the end. Sponging dries a lot quicker than using brushes, and is less messy. You can probably get away even with doing this in pews if you have a few wet wipes around.

I painted mine on both sides, but you can just do one side if you like.

When the paint is dry, cut from the centre to 1″ (3cm) from the edge. Wavy lines look best. Fold the points up (painted side out) and try the hat to see if it fits. You may need to make some cuts a little longer.

If you like, you can add some gold glitter while the paint is wet if you want extra mess!

Text Suggestions

  • Ex 3 – Moses and the burning bush
  • Ex 13:20-22 – Pillars of fire and cloud
  • 1 Ki 18:16-46 – Elijah on Mount Carmel
  • 1 Ki 19:9-18 – After the fire came a gentle whisper.
  • 2 Chr 7 – Solomon dedicates the temple
  • Eze 1 – Ezekiel’s Inaugural Vision
  • Dan 3 – The Image of Gold and the Blazing Furnace
  • Matt 3:11 – He will baptise you with the Holy Spirit and fire
  • Luke 3:16 – He will baptise you with the Holy Spirit and fire
  • Acts 2 – Pentecost

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