Lent 1 – Puzzle Pages

Puzzle Pages are downloadable A4 double-sided sheets in PDF format. They have colouring, puzzles and activities for children, all linked to the Bible passage. Use them for: Sunday schools and after-school clubs sermon activities for children staying in church school assemblies / CUs missions / outreach / messy church Click here for printable Puzzle Pages (PDF) … More Lent 1 – Puzzle Pages

Luke 2:41-52

Every parent has lost a kid in the supermarket (though not usually for three days). It’s a horrible feeling when it happens but, somehow, it’s quite comforting to know that it happened to Jesus too.

I love Mary’s reaction – it’s exactly what any parent would say today – people don’t change. But Jesus’ reply is the interesting one. “In my Father’s house”. … More Luke 2:41-52

Mark 13:1-8

In 1806, a chicken started laying eggs with “Christ is coming” etched into the shell. Now, the burning bush was weird, granted, and you’ve got Balaam’s donkey and all, but why God would want to make a major announcement via a hen’s bum beats me. … More Mark 13:1-8