Sleep well, wake free- Look, See, Pray

Just like the church building in the photo:  whether we realise it at the time or not, there are timeless witnesses to the provident presence of God. For uncounted years, people have passed near this old church nestling in the coastal hillsides of Norway. It stands to say boldly: “God is here.” So then… for today, tomorrow, forever… … More Sleep well, wake free- Look, See, Pray

Mourning with Those who Mourn – Psalm 27:1,4-9

Just recently, a reader asked for activities to help children think about the recent Australian bush fires. Here are some ideas, which equally apply to other times when hard things happen. Activity – Look for the Helpers Fred Rodgers has good advice for all of us when the problems of the world seem overwhelming: Look for … More Mourning with Those who Mourn – Psalm 27:1,4-9

1 Samuel 3:1-10 (11-20) – listening, but not understanding

Am I Samuel, hearing God but mistaking it for just an ordinary voice? Certainly God uses the voices of those around us to speak, and I know I need to listen better. Take a few moments to look around you. If God were speaking through the ordinary voices of the everyday, what might he be saying, right now? … More 1 Samuel 3:1-10 (11-20) – listening, but not understanding

Hosea 1:2-10

The first child is called Jezreel. That probably means nothing to you (I had to go look it up) but it meant a lot back then. Today, it would be like calling a child Auschwitz or Hiroshima or Nine-Eleven. Ouch. … More Hosea 1:2-10

John 10:22-30

If Jesus is not God then he is a big, fat liar. He claimed something that was the hugest lie on the planet and made dozens of his friends suffer hideous deaths for no reason. That is not a good moral teacher. That is a charlatan, a con-man, a crook – a nasty piece of work. … More John 10:22-30

Luke 13:1-9

Lent 3 – If God is so all-loving and all-powerful, then why does he let bad things happen to good people?

It’s a very good question, and you’re absolutely right to ask it. Being a Christian does not mean shying away from the difficult questions. We’re allowed to mention the elephant in the room. … More Luke 13:1-9