Sad Trumpet- Look, See, Pray

I have mixed feelings as April ends. It happens every year when the daffs in the garden finally finish their cheery display; there is usually a bit of a break between their passing and the next influx of colour. This year I have marked it by photographing the “Last Trumpet of Spring.” The trumpet is still big, brassy and bold but the other petals are fading fast. Yet the warm spring sunshine glows through it- at first glance it is still gorgeous. But change is coming and the daffodils are departing. … More Sad Trumpet- Look, See, Pray

Hope on a stick – Love, See, Pray

I went to the local park which has been partially flooded. It could have been quite depressing- but the daffodils had other ideas. Surviving the gales, the downpours and floods, their beautiful golden crown-and-trumpets resolutely proclaimed hope. So a simple thought for today:  every time you see daffodils, remember Paul’s instruction to the early Christians: … More Hope on a stick – Love, See, Pray