Genesis 21:8-21

Other times we can find ourselves doing a Sarah – acting out of fear, insecurity and other pretty unflattering motivations, if we are honest. And although God can, and does, redeem our foolish mistakes (and Lord knows I make plenty), the consequences may live on. Sarah didn’t cope well with the consequences of her actions, and Hagar’s distress was the result. … More Genesis 21:8-21

Covenant Service

An Activity In the Methodist Covenant Prayer, we commit ourselves to God’s plan, whatever that may be. A labyrinth can be a helpful way of picturing the journey. You might like to walk a labyrinth as you make your covenant. A labyrinth is not the same as a maze. A maze has junctions, and is designed to … More Covenant Service

Hosea 1:2-10

The first child is called Jezreel. That probably means nothing to you (I had to go look it up) but it meant a lot back then. Today, it would be like calling a child Auschwitz or Hiroshima or Nine-Eleven. Ouch. … More Hosea 1:2-10