All Age Talk -The Woman in the Crowd

For Jesus, it was not enough just to know he had healed someone, he also wanted to meet her, and to know that she really was OK after all. And he also know that it was better for Jane to meet him, not to stay anonymous. Jesus wanted to encourage her faith, to lead her closer to God, and to completely transform her life, not just bring physical healing. … More All Age Talk -The Woman in the Crowd

Isaiah 1:21-31

This is the text of a pair of essays submitted as part of my course at Spurgeon’s College for the module ‘Reading and Using the Bible’. The first part is an exegesis, the second part has application with children’s activities. The first part was formative (not for credit), the second part was my grade for … More Isaiah 1:21-31

Mothering Sunday

This is the text of my talk for the family service on Mothering Sunday, complete with props and stage directions. Feel free to use / adapt / etc as appropriate. Text is Psalm 103 Mothering Sunday – March 6th 2016 Props: Three large pots with attached flowers. Labelled thus (label covered with post-it note) and containing … More Mothering Sunday