Book Giveaway! 10 free books up for grabs

Waa Hoo!

It’s that time of year again, when church leaders the world over are fretting about what to do for Christmas. And when The Reflectionary comes up with a bundle of answers.

A lot of my resources end up in book form and you, lovely readers, have sent many of those books to the top of the Amazon charts. (I’m still astounded by that. Thank you so much.)

In case you have not heard, my latest book, So You’ve Finished Writing. Now What? is due out in paperback and Kindle on Nov 1st, from Amazon, Barnes & Noble etc, and your local bricks and mortar bookshop. If you do not see it on the shelves, poke the bookshop owner until they order it. To celebrate the release, I’m giving away a load of books! Waa Hoo!

“I can’t commend this book enough, particularly to those new to writing. I anticipated it would be merely factual and thus very dry. How wrong can one be? Wonderfully well researched, this comprehensive and detailed guide is full of humour, honest personal experiences and great metaphors, an invaluable reference companion that deserves a place on every writer’s desk.”

Howard Webber – Award-winning author

“This is a really encouraging and readable guide for those who are new to writing and publishing. It’s full of the honest wisdom of experience as well as expertise, and the light-hearted style makes it feel like welcome advice from a friend. There are questions to work through and a review of each of the main forms of publishing, while the fulsome glossary provides a really useful reference guide to key terms and ideas.”

Ally Barrett – Author and Chaplain , St Catharine’s College, Cambridge.

So, the book give-away. Need a chart-topping Nativity play? Need family devotions? Need something for the youth group? Need something for yourself to get away from Christmas flurry? Just buy one of my books between now and Nov 14th and you can be in the draw to win any of these (click on names for more details):

To enter the giveaway, just send me an email showing your book purchase, and tell me which of the books you’d like to win (list as many as you want). I can also sign any of the books if you like. Postage is included in the prize. Winners will be selected at random on Nov 15th.
Send your entry to fay at fayrowland dot co dot uk  (Obviously, type the dots in. I’ve omitted them here so that spambots don’t snaffle my address.)


Please note that this post contains affiliate links. If you purchase anything after following a link, a (very) small amount of money comes my way to support these free resources. No personal data is passed in either direction, and the price you pay is the same.

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