Holy Smoke! New Science Experiment, Plus Bonus Resources

#1 meditationsLent Book

I’m delighted to report that my new Lent book shot straight to the #1 slot in Bible Meditations. Woo Hoo!  Boogie boogie! (That’s me doing a little dance around the study floor.)

Thank you for all the lovely comments I’ve received from readers. I trust this book will be a blessing to you and the churches you serve. MmmWAH!

If you have not got your copy yet, there is still plenty of time to purchase before Lent. Links on the side menu for Amazon UK and US (also available in most other Amazons). The Kindle version is in production and should be out later this week.

SS 4 smlBonus Extra!

A new feature, live from yesterday, is a readers-only resources section on my author website.

My newest book contains recipes and crafts but, due to printing constraints, the paperback version has black and white photos, which are a bit naff ‘cos some of the photos are gorgeous! (This is the Good Friday / Easter Sunday craft – ain’t it fab?)

So, to avoid having to mortgage the house to get colour photos in the book, you can now download full-colour PDFs of the crafts and recipes (including full instructions) from my author website fayrowland.co.uk

Just pop along there and click on the ‘Resources’ link to get your free, downloadable PDFs. There are also PDFs of the colouring pages, great for making extra copies and perfect if you have  the Kindle version and don’t want to colour in your tablet!

Note the the same copyright restrictions apply to these resources as to the paper and e-books, and you need a password to access them. The password is contained in your book.

I’ll expand that section for other books in due course, and if it’s a success, I may add a similar section on this site too. What do folks think?

Bonus Bonus Extra!

Here’s the latest video from The Batty Boffin with a fun experiment to help us think about trust. This one is about Gideon. When an angel turns up and says that God will help him, Gideon isn’t sure how God could do that. He isn’t event sure if God means what he says.

Are you sure that the experiment will work, or will you get a soaking?

(Hint, if you use a plastic cup, make sure it’s not bendy, ‘cos if you squeeze it … !)

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