After the Full Stop – Romans 4:1-5, 13-17

The Reflectionary


An Activity

In the Bible, the word ‘love’ means more than just a warm-and-fuzzy feeling. Love is active. God loved us and did something about it. If we say we love God, we should be doing something about it. Our love for God includes obey.1-jn-4-19

This handy foldable helps us to think through why we do what we do. Print out the sheet [click here] and fold in in half with words on the outside. Then you can fold the top and bottom sections forwards or backwards on the lines and create different sentences to discuss. ‘God loves us and so we love and obey’? Or ‘We love and obey and so God loves us’? What about ‘God loves us because God loves us’?

A Reflection

John Wesley – great man, yes? I certainly can’t fault his enthusiasm, and his bro wrote some cracking hymns but (at this point I…

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