Thank You, and Merry Christmas

2017I am constantly blown away when you, my lovely readers, send me encouraging messages, saying, “Perfect, that’s exactly what I needed for Sunday” or “I used your illustration at my men’s breakfast / cafe church / youth group and it went down a storm” or “Will there be a sketch for harvest? I do hope so”.

Oddly, although I write these things in the hope that they will be useful and used, I’m still surprised when they are. (yes, I know; I’m a twit.)

So, thank you. Really, thank you for helping me to help you in your ministry. There would be no point in writing this if it were not being delivered to real people by you fab folks working in schools, churches, youth projects, community groups and loads of other places.

I love to hear how you are using Reflectionary resources, so do drop me a line and let me know what you find useful. I’m also open to suggestions and requests. More science? More sketches? More artwork? More printables?

2017 has been an amazing year – the first Reflectionary book has been published – I can’t want to see where God will lead in 2018. Come join me on the journey.

may every blessing be upon you and those whom you love


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