Star Bright- Look, See, Pray

Delicate wood anemones: the shady woodland floor was brightened by these tiny flowers, and they were the centre of attention. Cameras use this kind of contrast to focus. That’s how nice sharp photos are taken. Without the flowers, without the light, it’s just a dark blur with no distinction. No-one takes photos of complete darkness. Light IS the heart of photography. … More Star Bright- Look, See, Pray

Luke 2:41-52

Every parent has lost a kid in the supermarket (though not usually for three days). It’s a horrible feeling when it happens but, somehow, it’s quite comforting to know that it happened to Jesus too.

I love Mary’s reaction – it’s exactly what any parent would say today – people don’t change. But Jesus’ reply is the interesting one. “In my Father’s house”. … More Luke 2:41-52