Together, Apart – Trinity and The Great Commission

Matthew 28:16-20 Welcome to  Together Apart, a set of new intergenerational resources for all of us in God’s family. Ten jam-packed pages of great ideas that you can print off and use for free. Links for PDFs are below. Each week you’ll find Bible study ideas for all ways of learnings and all ages (not … More Together, Apart – Trinity and The Great Commission

Food with Friends – Genesis 18:1-15

Make these super quick-and-easy flatbreads and join in the feast with Abraham’s three visitors. Seriously, if I can make these, anyone can, and they’re delish! Doing – Quick Flatbreads Makes 4-6 You Will ‘Knead’ (ha ha, you see what I did there?) 200g/7oz flour (plain, self-raising or bread flour) pinch salt 100ml/3½fl oz warm water 2 … More Food with Friends – Genesis 18:1-15

Revelation 21:10, 22 – 22:5 – Tree of Life Confession and Meditation

A confession and meditation for the brokenness in our world, based on Revelation’s image of the Tree of Life, whose leaves are for the healing of the nations. You can print the labyrinth for people to trace with a finger while they listen to the readings, or make a large version for people to walk … More Revelation 21:10, 22 – 22:5 – Tree of Life Confession and Meditation

Script – Trinity Planning Session

Leader: Have you ever wondered what God was doing before the dawn of time? Here’s a flashback to a Trinity Planning session.

Father: Do you ever feel lonely?

Spirit: What do you mean? There’s the three of us, and it is perfect.

Son: I think I know what you mean. Yes, it is perfect, and we are in harmony, but I wish we could share it with someone. … More Script – Trinity Planning Session

John 17:20-26

An Activity Print out the image by artist Gustave-Verbeek. Find two volunteers and stand them a distance apart or back to back, so that they cannot see what the other sees. Show one volunteer the image and ask them to describe what they see. (A man with a hat in a boat and a big … More John 17:20-26