Better than Perfect? – Look, See, Pray

It is humbling to recognise the faith of a believer who will shortly embrace an eternity that is better than the perfection of any earth-bound lifetime.  Such faith rings very true for me since my own encounter with cancer- facing your own mortality does focus the attention rather thoroughly!  My cancer has been successfully treated, but I still don’t know the length of life that remains. Long or short, in sickness or in health, God is and must still be the “strength of my heart and my portion forever.”   … More Better than Perfect? – Look, See, Pray

Mark 9:38-50

Woah! there’s some seriously heavy stuff in here. Drowning, chopping off hands and feet, everlasting fire and immortal zombie maggots! Why is Jesus going so over-the-top here? Surely he’s being a bit heavy-handed? … More Mark 9:38-50