Zoomable Pancake Olympics + Ash Wednesday at Home Resources

Pancake Olympics Here are some great ideas for family / youth group fun for Pancake Day (Feb 16th in 2021), adapted for Zoom meetings. Also, Ash Wednesday at home – how do do your own ashing, with lots of links and resources. There’s still time to get your copy of The Big Story,  Lent devotions … More Zoomable Pancake Olympics + Ash Wednesday at Home Resources

Assembly – Running the Race

use the double-sided medals to tell the story of two Japanese pole vaulters at the 1936 Berlin Olympics. Their names were Shuhei Nishida and Sueo Oe.

The winning height was 4.35m, cleared by an American athlete, and he won the gold medal. Nishida and Oe both cleared 4.25m and so the second place was a tie. The Olympic rules said that one person had to beat the other to win the silver medal, but the two athletes were friends and did not want to compete against the other. Neither would be happy to win if it meant that their friend would lose. … More Assembly – Running the Race