Drama without the, well, drama!

Fresh scripts launch God’s timeless word like a rocket. “Parables as Jesus would have told them – witty, punchy and thought-provoking.” Christmas and Easter? Sorted.
Some quiet and meditative, some a-pun-a-minute – there’s a script for every occasion. Meet Elijah’s ravens on holiday. Meet texting angels. Meet the Big Bad Cat. Then slow down and relive Good Friday through the eyes of one who was there – Jesus, remember me. … More Drama without the, well, drama!

Isaiah 1:21-31

This is the text of a pair of essays submitted as part of my course at Spurgeon’s College for the module ‘Reading and Using the Bible’. The first part is an exegesis, the second part has application with children’s activities. The first part was formative (not for credit), the second part was my grade for … More Isaiah 1:21-31